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Where Have You Been My Love? is the first collaboration between pop artist MA and singer songwriter Tania Kass.


MA and Tania Kass are two queer artists from different cultural backgrounds who came together to create music and visuals that will have a direct impact on people’s emotional core. The artists also hope that the directness of their music and message will bring listeners to experience a shared human emotion. They strongly believe in equality and social justice and these values are inevitably reflected in the project.


MA is a native Brazilian based in New York City whose artistic identity revolves around acting, creating music and performing. MA’s second single I Want Ur Luv, was released as a manifesto denouncing the violence against the LGBTQ community in Brazil.

Italian-born Tania Kass is an interdisciplinary artist. Her skills and experience span from musical theater to post-punk music, from drumming to directing for theater, from acting to songwriting. Tania is als the drummer and backing vocalist of the lazy-punk band What Would Tilda Swinton Do.


“Where Have You Been My Love?” poses a direct question to something we all can relate to. The incessant search for love and the pain when that love is lost. In this heartbreaking ballad, MA and Tania strip the song down to the bone, where the vocals are only supported by a piano and an acoustic guitar, unveiling the emotional truth behind love and loss.

The music video is masterfully directed and edited by Belgian filmmaker Eva Depoorter, whose previous work was included in the AVIFF Cannes Art Film Festival and won Best Experimental Film at Queens World Film Festival. Depoorter is able to transform the music into a unique visual experience, through striking images, and a definite and unique style.